Wednesday, 24 July 2013

24th July 2013 Adaptation of habits

 I am trying to keep up with the regular drinking and food but it is taking time to get into the routine. You really need to keep the drink bottle at hand so you just reach out and sip. In some ways it would be easier to do in a warm climate. In our winter it is a little hard to keep remembering.

You can't keep up by drinking more at one time as your stomach size is so small that you will have to deal with pain. The same happens when you overestimate the size of your meal. The time you have to use to have your meal means that only the first few mouthfuls are warm. Some food is easier to eat as well. Protein remains high on the list of things to eat as it helps your body heal. The diet followed ends up being high protein, low carbs. I used to find that was the only way I personally could lose weight.

The food pyramid that is touted everywhere encourages everyone to have carbs as the basis of their diet. No wonder there are so many large people around nowadays. The vegetables I mainly liked to have were the ones with higher carbs as well. We had a slight limiting factor in that my mother got gout if she had too many green vegetables in one week.

My main annoyance at the moment is constipation. Usually being a daily person it is an irritation to only go every  2-3 days. The next time I go food shopping I am looking harder to find the KiwiCrush. I know that Kiwi-fruit and I have a good reaction so hopefully that will be a thing of the past. I think I shall have porridge daily as well. Oats are a good soluble fibre in your diet.

I have another week before my mother and brother go away to attend an 80th birthday of my mum's best friend, Melva, in Havelock North (New Zealand). My brother is putting the washing out and getting it in for us at the moment so I don't stretch too much. I can do most of the other housework on a steady basis. I rest when I have discomfort. I did not take any pain relief today as I only had a little discomfort in the largest cut. I did not need any ant-emetics as I was not nauseated at all. I am walking outside to expand the distances I can tolerate so I am back to normal as soon as possible.